All women need beauty and will certainly do everything they can to enhance their appeal. Most of them will looking for beauty cosmetics, while some will look for important nutrition and invest more time on exercise. But how many women do really know the tips of how to enhance their natural beauty.

Here are 10 important tips advice by professional beauty and makeup artists to bring out the alluring and sexy woman with 100% natural look.

1. Take the best care of your hair.

Hair is the best beauty asset for women. It will produce the best feminine look for every woman who owns it. To have a beautiful hair you should allow your hair to get dry naturally, avoid blow-drying, curling or coloring too frequently, treat it with good quality hair masks at least once a week. Owning a beautiful long hair will certainly give women a more youthful look; they can also coif it in any style to match their features.

2. Increase a more youthful look with your beautiful youthful skin.

Beauty skin is important for women as it is a sign of your healthy and will also give you the youthful look. To maintain your fresh, beauty and healthy skin you should drink at least 8 glasses (64 ounces) of water in one day. It is advisable to apply baby oil or after shower lotion instantly once you have finished your shower. And you must protect yourself with sun-screen whenever you are going to expose yourself to the sun.

3. Using eyeliner to add emphasis and mystery to your eyes.

To make your eye an erotic eye and show to the world that you are intelligence and perception simply using black eyeliner over your eye, make the line growing thick toward the outer edge of your eye. The slanted curve of the black eyeliner will surely add the element of emphasis and mystery.

4. Applying rouge

Put in mind to use large brush when applying rouge, choose rouge color that match your skin tone, lightly brush your cheek following diagonal line from back to front to spotlight your cheekbone.

5. Glamorize your appearance with lip liners.

Using lip liner to give an outline border on your lips, prevent the lipstick from bleeding out and keep lipstick to stay longer on your lips. Lip liner also makes your lips stand out and look full and sexy. Be sure to select the same color of your lipstick.

6. Women’s unwanted hair is critical.

As a woman we need to maintain always smooth skinned and feminine. Get rid of all unwanted hair from your upper lip, armpits and your leg.

7. Improve deportment.

Make sure that you have an elegant move either while you are walking or sitting down. Be careful to hold your stomach in, don’t let yourself stay hunch as it will destroy your personality.

8. Make your figure an elongated appearance.

Taller is better; you can increase your height by wearing shoes with heel and wear medium or light weight fabrics clothes to certainly give you an elongated look.

9. Wearing appropriate jewelry.

You will need jewelry to enhance your elegant look, so make sure to choose the right jewelry to suit you and suit the occasion, don’t over decorate yourself with too much jewelry as you will not need to be a jewelry showcase.

10. Recheck every angles of yourself before you leave home.

Look at yourself in a well lit mirror to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your dress or any part of your body before you leave home.

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