If you are someone who apparently resides in the home that is large enough to allow a friend or acquaintance to crash unexpectedly, you should probably be well versed in the many different types of mattress is specifically designed for these types of situations.  There are many different times throughout your life where someone will need to sleep over at your house on short notice.  Whether they are a close family member or friend, or simply a random acquaintance, you will almost certainly want to provide them with a comfortable experience while sleeping at your house.

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The most obvious choice that I can recommend for a situation such as this is the twin air mattress.  Like its name aptly suggests, a mattress made of the air is incredibly light and easy to transport and move around within your home.  This means it has much shorter setup time than regular types of beds, allowing for it to be completely ready to be slept on with very short notice. This can be a very sought after option in many situations, especially when you’re traveling to another person’s home on short notice and are likely to be tired immediately upon arrival.

Another excellent choice would be a twin futon mattress due to the fact that it is a setup which can be enjoyed throughout the year in any room of the house.  This is a sleeping arrangement that can take up space in your living room and function completely as a couch for your friends to relax on during social functions, but change into a very different lounging accessory at a later due.  When you need an extra bed for someone to sleep on, simply fold the futon down into a bed and you are ready to go. It’s one of the more versatile pieces of furniture you can purchase, allowing for many people to use it a single time.

The third choice that I can recommend is a standard twin mattress.  They are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to transport and store when not in use.  This means you can keep them hidden away in your closet until they are needed, and then you can set them up in a breeze when friends stop over. Additionally, they’re very comfortable to sleep on and will make your guests feel at home and not like they’re sleeping in a foreign place.