Let’s begin with one component of the core of it all…our thoughts. When we are obsessively focused on food, on body image, on calories, on fanaticism, on comparing ourselves to others, and on exercise we create an extremely negative web of obsessive thinking. Our thoughts are consumed by the obsessions we have created in our mind and the affects are dismal.

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For example, I notice the more one obsesses over the scale the less weight they lose. They want the numbers on the scale to drop soooo badly that they then obsess over every calorie they consume. They calculate every calorie burned. They absolutely fear carbs of any form and if they eat an extra calorie they go hog-wild-crazy in the gym and obsess over burning off the extra calories they think they shouldn’t have ingested. They berate themselves for not being committed enough to the dismal 1200 calorie diet they misguidedly try to conquer day after day.

Inevitably, their obsession for food grows. They dream about juicy hamburgers and greasy fries or gorging down a tub-full of Hagen-Daaz…and then more guilt and deeper shame! So to compensate for how weak they think they are they punish themselves with less calories and more exercise. Sounds crazy huh? But how many of us have actually done this ourselves?

Do you see the problem here? The only way out is through a different door. We must start to understand our thoughts. Where are they coming from? Why are they so strong? How are they dictating your life? Are what we obsessing over even rational? Are they capable of helping you experience the lasting, healthy changes you so desperately want in life?

You have to ask yourself these question? You must do so honestly and consistently. You cannot affect change until you do so. We need food, we need calories and yet we constantly fight to decrease and even avoid what we need out of obsession and desperation.  The enemy is not food but what lies within our mind.

So, take some time today to assess where your thoughts reside and if you are willing to start taking control back. You can change. You can lead a healthy and productive life that is not directed by food, body-image, counting calories, comparing or judging, excessive exercise and many other damaging, negative  coping behaviors. Think about what you think, and then take action.  If you have addictive and obsessive thoughts that lead to negative behaviors then you can find help too.