Having read and thoroughly enjoyed Crossed Wires I was delighted to find an email from Rosy in my inbox telling me about her new book: The Tapestry of Love.  I jumped at the offer of a review copy and have just spent the last few days roaming the idyllic French countryside with Catherine Parkstone…

We begin our story surrounded by hundreds of sheep “streaming down the hillside to the right, above the road, a bobbing phalanx maybe twenty or thirty animals wide, before slowing and spreading wider as the reached the brief plateau of tarmac, the way water pools below a flight of rapids.”

Catherine has packed up her old life and invested all of her savings in a rambling old cottage up on a moutain-side in the Cevennes, and her first glimpse of local life is to be engulfed in sheep during the Autumn Transhumance, the driving of the sheep from their summer pastures up in the mountains back down to lower ground for the winter.

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It is details like this that make this novel so enjoyable, I actually learnt a lot about rural life in France. And Catherine does too as she settles in and meets her “neighbours”; the wonderful Monsieur and Madame Bouschet, The Meriels, the elderly Madame Volpiliere, and of course the enigmatic Patrick Castagnol.

As Catherine spends her time weaving tapestry cushions and curtains for the locals who quickly become her friends, Thornton weaves a tapestry of lives, loves and family in this wonderful story.

If you’re looking for a novel to while away the hours on a quiet Sunday afternoon then I highly recommend you treat yourself to a copy of  The Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton. I’m awarding it with 5 stars and look forward to reading it all over again.