Vegetarians diets are designed to be lower in fats than traditional diets. However, what most vegetarians do not realize is that many of the vegetarian meat substitutes have high fat contents in order to improve their taste. Therefore, even some vegetarians can have issues with their weight and need a weight loss program. This has been designed as a weight loss plan for vegetarians. The plan gives a person all the nutrients that they need but cut down on the fats and starches. This will lower the calorie intake and burn more fat.

Following is the amount of servings that should be eaten by persons wanting to adhere to either a 1200 or 1500 calorie diet (recommended for women) or 1800 calorie diet (recommended for men).

1200 Calorie Diet Servings per Day

Whole Grains                4-5

Vegetables                   3-4

Fruits                           2

Dairy                            2

Protein                         4-5 ounces(Meat Substitutes, Dried Beans, Nuts,Seeds or Eggs)

Fats                             30 grams1500 Calorie Diet Servings Per Day

Whole Grains                         5-6

Vegetables                            3-4

Fruits                                    3

Dairy                                     2-3

Protein                                  5-6 ounces

Fats                                      40-45 grams

1800 Calorie Diet Servings Per Day

Whole Grain                        7-8

Vegetables                            5

Fruits                                  4-5

Dairy                                   2-3

Protein                                7 ounces

Fat                                      50-55 grams

An easy way to get additional protein without the added fat content that is present in meat substitutes is to make a fresh juiced drink that contains 1-2 Tablespoons of protein powder added to it. There are several protein powders on the market either made from soy or whey which have approximately 100 calories per tablespoon with no fat grams or sugar. A sample recipe of a juice drink is below which helps to get in the increased number of vegetable servings per day while making sure you get your protein portions as well.

Meal in a Drink Juice
2 tomatoes peeled or 1 cup tomato juice
1 stalk of celery
½ cup carrots
Sprig of parsley
2 Tbsp Protein Powder

The main thing that vegetarians need to be aware of is how to monitor the amount of fat content that they are consuming per day. Cutting fats down to acceptable levels may be all that is necessary to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight once it is attained.

Some tips to watch as far as cutting down on fat content include watching or reducing the amount of cheese consumed or use a low fat cheese in your daily diet as most cheeses contain very high amounts of fat in them. Make sure you eat at least the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables daily to keep your fiber content at an acceptable level. This aids digestion, increases metabolism and helps to evacuate waste products faster.

Reduce the amounts of condiments that you might be using such as mayonnaise or salad dressings as these can be very high in fat. Change to low fat or light mayonnaise and salad dressings in order to help your weight loss goals.

Be sure and drink adequate amounts of water daily. Water helps boost your metabolism as well and being hydrated adequately allows proper digestion and elimination of toxins, waste products, as well as working in conjunction with high fiber foods to increase elimination of discarded fats through the stools.