I’ll be honest: I LOVE to eat. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple breakfast, a lunch that is shared with friends, or a decadent, slow dinner, I love every bite all! I love to prepare food, share food, smell it, and best of all eat it. I like the simplicity as much as the tradition and hoopla of certain meals. Food makes my world go round. Since food is so important to me, I like to eat with gusto. I’ve found many ways to make food a happy and interesting part of my life.

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But the problem is: The foods that I’ve eaten haven’t always liked me. Then I came to a point where food became my enemy. I didn’t intend for it to happen. But I’d eat something, enjoy it as I always had, and the results would be anything from uncomfortable to a physical back-kick that had awful and painful results. The worst part was, I couldn’t understand why I’d feel horrible after eating. I was tested and didn’t turn up as being allergic to most foods.

One year later, I was re-tested and I turned up as being allergic to almost every food. I didn’t understand what my body was doing to me! I kept trying to figure out why one day I could eat a certain meal and two days later I couldn’t. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had begun a journey that would allow me to not only answer many of the questions about the foods that I could or couldn’t eat and feel great after. I had also begun to learn how to restore my health, improve my energy levels and get my life back. I had figured out how to change my life – in a good way – with the foods I would eat. What I didn’t know was that 25 years later, I’d write a best selling book about what I learned to eat or not eat, and those books would go on to impact so many people and their families too. I’ve been interested in foods that are tasty and good for me since the early 1980’s.

I’ve also been through periods in my life where I’ve not been as attentive to the kinds of foods I’d be eating. Each time I’d go too far off my ‘healthy’ diet, my body would give me grief. Although I’m dedicated to wanting to eat the healthiest foods possible, I will always enjoy a piece of rich dark chocolate cake with a take no prisoners type of attitude. Thank goodness on The Amazing Girlfriends’ Diet I can eat that, enjoy each bite thoroughly, not feel guilty and get back on the wagon the next day. These days, I’m a senior marketing consultant to high tech companies, publishers, authors and specialist marketers. I help them get new clients, do business better and refine their sales processes. As often happens when you get to know people, we’ll start talking about food and what we eat. It’s great to see how many have begun to rethink what they can eat. They are fed up with how they feel. They are upset and genuinely concerned about how they could have put on so much weight.

They don’t understand WHY their body has changed so much. Their parents and grand parents weren’t overweight so why are they? Until we began to talk about yeast and what it does to overtake someone’s health and life, we won’t connect the dots and reconsider that a food we’ve been culturally told is good for us is anything but. Most people wonder what has caused them to become overweight, feel bloated, and lack vim. I’m a philosopher. I tend to try and figure out how and why we do things. I do my best to see many sides of an issue. I also believe that there is so much that we don’t yet know about what we eat. I marvel at how much there is to learn about life. I’m a person who believes we all have spiritual ways we can live out our lives. And I think that putting together what we eat, do and think gives us the best of all worlds: a richly satisfying life that also happens to be fun.

I’ve been a featured speaker at spiritual and business conferences. I’ve been on media U.S. syndicated and major market radio, web and TV. My articles have been published in major national magazines. I share my ideas and research about weight loss, personal energy use, foods, and other topics. I’m an author now. I’d published my books in limited edition runs over the years. Since last year, I’ve had four U.S. and European Amazon.com Kindle best selling books in both the Mind, Body & Spirit, Personal Transformation, Self-esteem and Self-help categories as well as the Weight Loss and Healthy and Natural Diet categories. Energy for Your Life: Seven Energy Giving Habits was my first book and helps you make better decisions so you can get and keep more of your energy.